With 20 years experience in the material handling industry, PCI offers a problem-solving sales approach to customize and design warehouse systems that allow maximum use of your existing footprint and vertical space. Our sales team and expert technicians can design, implement, and manage installation of  systems and solutions to meet your unique needs.

Other companies only sell equipment and subcontract their installation; PCI offers a seamless experience and a high level of service by managing your warehouse project from beginning to end. We believe in fostering long term relationships by getting to know the ins and outs of your business, facilities, and unique challenges. PCI wants your business and to earn our place as the "go-to" and trusted member of your team that works with you on any future projects and needs as they arise.


PCI offers full project managing and installation of all equipment sold. Plus, service and maintenance on all your warehouse equipment.

what WE DO

PCI offers an extensive inventory of material handling equipment, specializing in pallet racking. We are the only used pallet racking dealer on the Gulf Coast.




The Port City Team has been a great addition to our Vendors’ List.

Their knowledge, craftmanship, and overall wanting to help attitude has made my job so much easier.

Jeremy Vick
Utilities and Shop Coordinator
Outokumpu Stainless USA


Let’s Talk

Contact us today and let's discuss what products you handle.  Our experts can help you solve any space or logistics problem in your facility.

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